The biggest priority I have most days, is my health. I talk to a ton of people who don’t feel the same way, and who go on and on about not having time or not having money or just being too tired to care about their diet and their fitness and what they do with their time.

The fact of the matter is, once you decide you’re worth your own time, and you prioritize your health, no amount of excuses can pull you away from making it happen.
I’ve seen people on minimum wage making it happen and there’s people doing whatever they have to do wherever they have to do to make it happen. You really just have to decide that any reason to not do things you know you need to do is an excuse, and not accept them from yourself.

Understanding the Triangle of Wellbeing

So what are the basics? You probably have heard SOMETHING about the triangle of wellness. It’s simple, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. Making sure all three of those things are being addressed is the best way to keep yourself happy and healthy.

For Gilad Lutfak, relationships and work are the best way to stay pumped in the mental health category. By keeping a close relationship with my friends and family, I feel fulfilled and happy. By constantly rising and growing in my career, I can rest assured that I have safety and stability.

Working out (even if it’s just a little bit), hitting up the drip spa I’m a part of, and eating cleanly keeps my body feeling good. The chemistry alone of taking care of your body can boost your mood a million rungs and make day to day life easier. Meal prepping, taking a walk on your lunch, and stretching in the morning are all simple ways to achieve your physical wellness goals.

Spiritual health is a different animal. Whatever you believe in, believe in something. For some people, that looks like a moral code and doing unto others. For some, that’s praying daily and going to church. I feel like spiritual health is a personal thing and you can handle it however you need to, but make sure you fit it in.

The Importance of Making Time for Yourself

If you don’t have your own name in your calendar, you’re seriously missing out. One of the coolest feelings is to have “Gilad’s Workout” on the calendar. Obviously, don’t write Gilad. Write your name. Put it on the calendar though, don’t just hope it happens because if you do that, you’ll never make it happen. You don’t just “hope” you have time to pay your bills. Don’t hope you have time to pay yourself, make it happen.