You will find the top 7 habits required for business success. Review each habit and ask yourself what the best way to optimize each would be regardless of the business industry you are focusing on.


  1. Think Before You Go

I can tell you that this is perhaps the most essential habits for successful entrepreneurship especially if you are someone like Gilad Lutfak, who has developed and managed multiple successful business across industries, including founding GSM Worlwide Media, would agree that any business requires careful, ongoing planning. Take the time and write a detailed business plan. Determine what your service will be, how you will appeal to your audience, and who you will need to speak with.

  1. Time Management Your Way

Part of planning for a business -and really getting anything done- is time management. People often cite the lack of time as an excuse for not getting as many tasks completed by a certain deadline. One of the reasons that Gilad Luftak was able to achieve so many business goals both in Houston and in other areas is his effective use of time. When I stopped asking if there was time to finish tasks and started asking how to make time to get each task done, I was able to accomplish more achieve my overall business goals faster.

  1. Develop Daily Habits That Work For You

It’s a good habit to sleep and wake up at the same time each day as much as you can. Being a night owl, it is difficult to wake up refreshed at 6 a.m. Gilad Lutfak would agree that a person’s sleep schedule should work for him or her. Come up with a schedule that works for you to optimize your daily accomplishments and help you reach your business goals faster. You can schedule business meetings and appointments in the afternoon.

  1. Schedule Tasks Ideas As they Come to Mind

This is another effective habit to adopt to ensure business success and keep your stress level in check. Taking an example from Gilad Lutfak, succeeding at even one business requires the completion of countless, varied tasks. There are many small, but essential tasks, urgent and important things to take care of, and business relationships that need nurturing. Schedule these tasks for a later time and focus on the tasks you have scheduled for the day right now.

  1. Schedule Appointments Early

You can keep these instances at a minimum by scheduling the meetings early. Scheduling tasks, which was previously mentioned, refers to jotting down a to-schedule note. If your task is to schedule a meeting with the head of a department, jot that down (then make the call) a couple of months before you plan to actually meet that person. Gilad Lutfak has advised entrepreneurs about the value of making and keeping appointments with other professionals since it has a direct effect on your business’ images.

  1. Use Technology Without Total Dependence

Many new entrepreneurs find themselves swamped by paper or completely dependent on software programs and devices. Get in the habit of backing up business documents to more than one source and stay updated about data storage means. There are many ways that I have found through business consulting to automatically back-up all your documents and that let me focus on growing my business.

  1. Ask For Help When Necessary

There are many resources based in Houston that help business owners get the assistance and information. Don’t feel like you have to finish each and every business task by yourself; instead, think about the paying another company to finish a  job for you. You can also read about the success stories of business owners, like Gilad Lutfak, and learn about additional habits that can help you start or grow a business.